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Dew Games 2011 Finals TV Replay

This year the Dew Games Finals were played live on local cable television and here is it for everyone to watch.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Dew Games 2011 Recap

Dew Games Finals Results:

Snowboard Big Air

1st  - Cody Boan
2nd - Myles Stark
3rd - Austin Leonard

Snowboard Slopestyle

1st -  Austin Leonard
2nd- Cody Boan
3rd - Sean Guyer

Ski Big Air

1st - Jon Steltzer
2nd - Tanner Sinclair
3rd - Ross Rowan

Ski Slopestyle

1st -  Ross Rowan
2nd - Eric Hegreness
3rd -  Matt Rodgers

thanks to http://www.kbeckmannphoto.com and http://www.scotthillphoto.com


Dew Games 2011

Kevin Pearce had a scheduling mishap and will not be making it.

This year the Dew Games are back and strapped with an even bigger grip of cash then last year. Thanks to Mountain Dew, $10,000 in will be given out to the top skiers and snowboarders as well as loads of swag for everyone to get something. Snowboarding legend Keir Dillon will be back again this year to host the event. Kevin Pearce was not had a scheduling mishap and will not be making it.

The Dew Games consist of a Big Air event and Rail Jam events for both skiers and snowboarders, and there will also be a woman's division.

This event is an invitational, but there will be a wild card qualifier round for those of you who did not receive an invite. All invited riders and wild card hopefuls need to download the Registration Form (below)* and fill out their information. Either e-mail the form to aawitherington@liberty.edu or turn it in the day of the event by 2 PM. The wild card qualifiers will be held from 3pm to 5pm. We will then have rider warm-ups starting at 5:30pm. Good luck!

*Download registration form here

Any invited rider who does not fill out a registration form will be entered in the wild card open. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Breakdown of the event schedule

3:00pm-5:00pm            Wild Card Open
5:45pm-5:50pm            Riders Meeting (Discuss Qualifiers)
6:00pm-6:25pm            Women’s Slope Qualifier
6:30pm-6:55pm            Women’s Big Air Qualifier
7:00pm-7:35pm            Snowboarder Slope Qualifier
7:40pm-8:15pm            Skier Slope Qualifier
8:20pm-8:55pm            Snowboarder Big Air Qualifier
9:00pm-9:35pm            Skier Big Air Qualifier

9:40pm-9:45pm            Riders Meeting (Discuss Finals)
10:00pm                        First Rider Drops for Finals

Finals: Each rider will receive 3 runs. They will have 2 judged runs with one throw-away run. Riders will be judge on difficulty of trick, style, and amplitude.

Date: April 2nd 2011
Time: 7 P.M.

Be There!



Free shredding for everyone!

I wanted to make sure everyone was taking advantage of this. FreeAdvantage.com offers there Advantage Cards, which get you special deals or discounts to lots of different local businesses. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is on there and offers one free hour of skiing, snowboarding or tubing! You can download a printable version here, or go to FreeAdvantage.com to find out how to receive one by mail.


7Kings....It's time to Krown another.

7Kings was so fun last year (check out the video from last year ^above), we can't wait to see what it's like this year. This event consists of 7 Mini-events; Rock Paper Scissors, R.A.D., High Ollie, Dice Capades, Spin-To-Win, Tweeked Method, and a Best Trick Quarterpipe Jam.

This is how 7Kings goes down.

Paper-Rock-Scissors: From two lines. Each player will face the player directly in front of them. They will say, “rock-paper-scissors-shoot” and on “shoot” each player will throw their choice. The winner will stay on and the loser will walk. We will reform lines until we are down to the top two people. They will face off in best 2/3. That will determine the winner.

RAD: The location will be at the flat box. We call out rider order (is not biased on skill just for sake of order) the first rider will throw a trick and if they land their trick then the following rider must do the exact same trick. If the second rider makes the trick then it moves on to the 3rd rider. If the rider missed the trick they will receive a Letter. If a rides receives the letters then they have spelled the word RAD and must leave the game. Once a trick is missed it is up to the next rider to set another trick. This will con
tinue on until there is only one rider left.

High Ollie: We will set up high jump equipment on the knuckle of the landing ramp. Each rider will go in the same order of the RAD game and see if they can pop over the high jump. If they succeed then they get to stay in, if they miss then they are out. After each full rotation of riders the poll will be moved up. This will continue on until there is only one rider left.

Dice-Capades: Each rider will roll the dice and then perform the trick that is given to them. The tricks will be thrown on the 3 or 6 ft jump. If the rider doesn’t land their trick they will have to leave the game.
Spin to Win: Each rider will launch off of the big kicker and throw each spin. Starting at a 360 > . Each rider will go and try the spin. If they don’t land it then they are out, if they do they continue to the next round. Each round a 180 will be added to the spin.

Most Tweaked Method: Each rider will attempt their most tweaked out method grab. (skiers If enter will do an x-up) the rider with the best tweak wins.

Quarterpipe Best Trick: Jam format 30min (more depending on number of riders) must hit quarter pipe/ wall ride. Best trick wins.

They start at Noon and will go to 6pm. It is free to enter. And we are not closing the slopes down.

SouthEastSnow.com had some great things to say about LMSC's events...

" The crew at LMSC has been working really hard this year and has put on some great events already.  The Fall Jam was a pre-season event, to see who had been working on their skills in the off-season.  Fall Jam brought some stellar riding, with some huge spins being thrown.  The Snowshoe Open brought riders from all over to compete in a Big Air and Rail Jam.  And then there was the DeMoss Rail Jam, that awarded one of the biggest cash prizes this area has ever seen.  With three great competitions under their belt, there is no telling how fun and exciting '7 Kings' will be.  I guess there is only one way to find out.  Be there!"
-- SouthEastSnow.com


Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre Hosts DeMoss Jam on Liberty University Campus

This was the first event LMSC has ever has on REAL snow much less on a concrete stair set, in front of one of the biggest buildings on campus. Plans were to get ice shavings from the hockey rink and to make snow with the "home-made" snowgun but the warm temps had the crew worried. The day before the event, Wintergreen Resort trucked in a huge pile of snow to help the event to go off with out a hitch.

Heres the first video of the event. The only bangers in this one were peoples heads slamming but it's a great edit overall. People were wrecking themselves at the chance to take home $1,000. Check some of it out here!

Ethan and Brent on the mic 

judges table


1st place: Austin Leonard
2nd place: Jack Schuster
3rd place: Ryan Holley


1st place: Ross Rowan
2nd place: Tanner Sinclair
3rd place: Matt Rodgers

Austin Leonard and Ross Rowan taking home $1000 for Top Skiier and Top Boarder
With over 1,000 people in the and about 40 competitors the event would qualify as being a HUGE success. Look out for this event again next year!

Thanks to Ben Hardbower and Kandace Kiser for the pictures